1927 Proposal for Cinema and TV



Based on a Time Travel-Science Fiction Novel


Robert P. Fitton


A runaway adventure story, fueled by the AVEGIS, advanced killer beings, embedded within a time travel theme that captures the essence of the roaring twenties and penlights the media covered events of 1927, including Babe Ruth’s quest for 60 home runs. JAMAL’s journey from ten thousand years in the future reflects an urgency to prevent the annihilation of humanity and a closely aligned race from SAGEON. The Avegis, powerful human created beings who have followed Jamal back through time, merge into the story line. They pursue Charlie and Jamal across upstate New York and confront them at Niagara Falls. The subsequent final face off atop the Rumford Tower in Manhattan provides nonstop action, risk and courage amidst overwhelming obstacles.

Spring 1927

Jamal has no intention of falling in love with a man from the 20th Century. The ambitious CHARLIE RUSSO arrives from Ohio in the 20’s and charts a successful buying career for the Rumford Department Store chain. Charlie Russo’s young life is planned perfectly-except he’s really not in love with FRANCINE RUMFORD, daughter of the Newport and Connecticut Rumfords. Charlie has compromised his ambition to get ahead in the roaring economic times with the quirky institution called marriage. What Charlie really loves is the New York Yankees and often steals time away at Yankee Stadium. 2


Charlie gets into trouble when he spots an irresistible, tall and slender dame with an auburn, shingle cut hairstyle. Not only has this woman got Charlie flummoxed but some kind of odd radio transmitter is strapped from her shoulder. Her flirtatious but evasive answers have Charlie gaga and staring into her iridescent azure eyes, surrounded by a swath of freckles. Charlie is so taken aback that he lets her drift toward the turnstile. She performs a cutesy little wave with her fingers and then she’s gone. Maybe he let her go because he is engaged to Francine and would jettison a tremendous career and a mega fortune if he were caught with Jamal. He chides himself all the way back to his friends in the stands, lights a Lucky Strike cigarette and contemplates the turnstile wave.

May 20, 1927

Charles Lindbergh is one of many pilots attempting a flight across the Atlantic to Paris. Charlie arranges with E.B. RUMFORD, his future father in law, to get the morning off so he can drive his new Packard, a gift from Francine, to Roosevelt Field on Long Island, where he will possibly witness the takeoff.

Charlie cannot believe his good fortune when he parks his Packard in the muddy field. Across the crowd is the alluring Jamal, svelte in a flight suit, standing in the distance as Lindbergh and his people prepare his plane for flight. Jamal still has a strange communications device strapped from her shoulder. She calls it ELF. After repeated tries Charlie gives up guessing her identity but she seems to know more than she’s letting on. Lindbergh’s plane bounces across the field, rises above the wires and treks across the Atlantic to Paris.

Charlie offers to bring Jamal back to New York City. She wants to be dropped off by the Kelly Tire sign at Columbia Circle. Even though he 3


has the pending lunch with Francine and EB Rumford Charlie ends up following Jamal across Central Park into her flat located on the second floor of a large warehouse type apartment in the city. Charlie quickly learns that she’s involved in something beyond his grasp. And he wants to see her again. The adventure begins.

Charlie’s romance develops with Jamal. He escorts her to the parade in honor of Col. Lindbergh through the streets of Manhattan. As ticker tape falls and the crowd screams, the young Lindbergh, auburn hair cropped, passes by an open vehicle as Charlie lifts Jamal into the air and kisses her.

By now Charlie knows Jamal is from 10,000 years in the future and that she is in 1927 to locate her two compadres who have escaped Avegis annihilation by traveling back in time. Her friends carry the future archives of humanity, warning of the Avegis calamity.

Jamal tracks her own ship’s trail across a giant map of New York State to locate the point where her friends may have come back through time. She plans to retrieve the archives and then broadcast a transmission to the Sageon of this time to prevent the future catastrophe. To accomplish this she must build a transmitter but she needs numerous rare and exotic materials, including neon, to make this transmitter functional.

A new signal during the end of the Lindbergh parade indicates someone has indeed broken through the continuum. She and Charlie return to the flat. Her fellow time travelers may have come back in time to a point in upstate New York near Niagara Falls. 4


Summer 1927


Jamal meticulously constructs components into a workable transmitter. Charlie’s friend at work, Herbie helps her stash it storage room high above Manhattan in the Rumford Tower.

Jamal gives Charlie a small transmitter to take with him to Connecticut when he visits the Rumford’s in preparation for his marriage to Francine. One of Francine’s former suitors Will Dillingham spots Charlie talking into the transmitter along the grounds of the Rumford estate and becomes immediately suspicious. Charlie tries to break it off with Francine, as he told Jamal that he would, but is unable to do it, perhaps because of his ambition or maybe for fear of hurting the old man. They now make plans for their engagement party at Gables on the Hudson later in the month.

July 1927

At the Gable’s gala inside a prodigious white tent, E.B. Rumford procures a film of the Lindbergh parade and a Gloria Swanson movie for his guests. During the showing of that Lindbergh film the camera zooms in on Charlie and Jamal kissing and Charlie lifting Jamal into the air as Lindbergh passes by. Charlie flees the scene but his car is roped to a tent stake and as he pulls away the prodigious tent collapses over the assembled crowd. Charlie drives back to New York.

When Charlie’s engagement, his job and future life falls apart he and Jamal become inseparable. Wil Dillingham tips off the Bureau of investigation about Charlie’s strange transmitter box. The Bureau of Investigation’s lead agent GIFFORD a.k.a. “Giff “ and his two agents, Perkins and the comical Ellery now begin investigating Charlie and Jamal. They enter Charlie’s apartment, breaking some of his record discs looking for the transmitter box. Yet, Gifford has an underlying respect for 5


Charlie and even likes him. Charlie crawls out the bathroom window and returns to Jamal’s flat.

Gifford tails Jamal and Charlie as they drive to New Jersey to procure neon from a local chemical supply factory. The only other accessible neon is held by a professor in Boston. Giff and his men chase them through the factory, but they escape and kidnap the bumbling Ellery. Back in New York Charlie and Jamal release Ellery and prepare to leave for Boston.

Charlie and Jamal are able to sneak away on a plane to Boston. When they wait for the neon professor at an old vaudeville theater, Charlie briefly passes the huge Babe Ruth and shakes his hand. Back in New York the Avegis vaporize Charlie’s apartment in the Bronx. They now set their sights on Charlie and Jamal up in Boston.

September 1927:

With the neon in a suitcase they contact a crazy World War I pilot named DON LANGLEY who agrees to fly them to Niagara Falls, the source of the incoming time signal. The Avegis follow them by train below and are aware of Charlie and Jamal looking for her friends near Niagara. Langley, with buddies in every airport, flies them from city to city as they race the Avegis to Niagara Falls.

Jamal realizes that her two friends are trapped within the continuum near a power plant along Niagara Falls. They scope out the plant and retreat to their hotel room. But the Avegis possess human form within the plant. Charlie and Jamal return to the plant and she seeks to extricate her friends from the continuum field, risking being trapped 6


within the continuum forever. When she enters the ship her two friends have become skeletons but she is able to finally retrieve the archives.

The Avegis attack. Charlie fires a gun and the Avegis implode, producing a huge explosion throughout the plant. Charlie and Jamal flee the area and run along the Niagara River, but Charlie trips, careens into the river, and tumbles toward the mighty falls. Somehow, he collides with a small spit of land and crawls onto the grass. Not knowing where Jamal has gone, he gets a ride back to the hotel.

More Avegis, their speech stilted, lurk at the counter. After another explosion, Charlie grabs the suitcase with the neon, steals the Avegis truck and heads south of the city. Contacting station KDKA in Pittsburgh, he has the on-air people broadcast a message for Jamal, hoping Elf will monitor the signal. Charlie will be at the theater where a Laurel and Hardy movie is playing. Jamal heads for the theater but the Avegis chase them from the city.

Charlie commandeers a milk truck and has the driver bring them to the airport. Langley is flying his plane around the airport. The Avegis fire high powered energy weapons, obliterating the plane, blasting Langley from the sky. Stunned and furious, Charlie and Jamal flee the Niagara Falls area and ride the rails to New York City.

Once back in New York City they take a taxi but are pursued by more Avegis in gabardine suits. They instruct the taxi driver to head through the almost completed Holland tunnel but they have to crash through barriers and drive toward Manhattan. Charlie and Jamal are then arrested and brought down to a precinct where they are bailed out by Gifford who knows that something not of this world is afoot. They convince Gifford to bring them to the Rumford Building’s tower. Jamal begins work aligning the transmitter with the neon toward Sageon. 7


Manhattan Showdown

Gifford has the tower (The Woolworth Building) surrounded by his agents and they await the attack of the Avegis. As Jamal works on the transmitter Herbie, using E.B. Rumford’s radio, pipes the Dempsey Tunney fight throughout the building to calm everybody’s nerves. Dempsey fights Tunney from Soldier Field in Chicago as the Avegis attack Gifford’s men below and then confront Charlie in E.B. Rumford’s office. Charlie attacks the Avegis with a fire poker. An explosion occurs and he is rocketed to the edge of the open building high above Manhattan. He is arrested by the police below but as he looks up the entire area where Jamal is working explodes. He assumes she is dead.

September 30, 1927:

A depressed Charlie makes plans to return to Ohio. He wanders over to Yankee Stadium for the final game of the season, almost forgetting that Babe Ruth has 59 home runs and is only one away from breaking his all-time record. As he comes down to the turnstile, Gifford, Ellery, Perkins and Jamal appear below the concession. She has been under questioning for a week. Jamal quickly takes his hand and hurries up to the grandstand because she already has foreknowledge that Ruth will hit the home run. A vivid description of the home run is given in slow-motion as the crowd comes to its feet and Jamal proclaims to Charlie “the future is yours.”

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