1939 Proposal for Cinema and TV



Film Treatment

Based on Time Travel-Science Fiction Novel by

Robert P. Fitton


A unique, fast-moving, historical time travel/thriller, two piggybacked, stories that converge and finally diverge in two climatic scenes, each within its own time period yet both dependent on one another. Future astronomer Andy REESE‘s story begins two hundred and seventeen years in the future from 1939 and he merges through time into LUCY APELLE’s story in 1939. Their stories build on each other with Andy’s dramatic death scene at the New York World’s Fair in 1939 and with the final, poignant and heart wrenching moments with DR. LUCY APELLE’s television commentary of the moon landing on July 20, 1969.

217 Years in the Future from 1939

Andy, 22, is an exo-astronomer searching for earth-like planets and he relaxes in defensive fighting workouts> He is diligent, moral and courageous against THE SERAPH orange, buzzing bioenergy units from the cloud. The Seraph control their human creators, including “treating” Andy’s sister MIRIAH who is allowed the right to terminate her own life.

Because he challenges the Seraph, whom he calls the Monkeys, Andy is placed in a suspended state for fix months. When he returns his towering cylindrical silo THE ENCLAVE, a clustered group on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, send a neutrino based message from twenty years in the future. The Seraph have more powerfully evolved and are winnowing the remainder of humanity. The Enclave want to transport Andy through a tunnel call THE ATEZ back to AD 1939. The history files show that HERMAN GEIGER, a world renowned physicist and social philosopher was murdered in the summer of 1939 at the New York World’s Fair. The Enclave theorize if Andy can save Geiger’s life, humanity will not evolve into the Seraph. Saving Geiger allows Hitler to live, but according to the Enclave Germany never attacked the United States and Hitler died in 1949. Dr. Herman Geiger becomes a worldwide Phenom with his Social Technocracy movement, whose catch phase is the German. Nach Danken: think. The tension of trusting the Enclave follows Andy through the story.

Andy returns to his astronomy job at Ptolemy and dodges other scientists loyal to the Seraph. The Enclave contact him and send the Atez tornadic tunnel to his astronomy receptor towers atop Ptolemy. Another scientist, SONIA MARGOLIS, a colleague, the only reason Andy is taken back in time. Sonia dies when the others turn her over to the Seraph.


The Enclave has determined that an Iowa farm girl is the key to getting to Dr. Herman Geiger. Lucy Apelle, 18, a highly intelligent, gifted class valedictorian, does not have a means to attend college, has won a national essay contest sponsored by GROVER WAYLAND, president of the New York World’s Fair. The Fair will pay for Lucy and her family to travel to New York City in July.

Andy materializes in Des Moines on June 1939. He is convinced when pole transformers exploded that the Monkeys have chased him back through time. Andy reads Lucy’s well thought out essay, “ How We Face Tomorrow.” He is stunned at her ability to gauge the future and hitchhikes to Lucy’s home town of Hancock, hundred and fifty-two miles to the north. DOM MALZONE the local barber directs him to Lucy’s graduation at the high school but the local police chief HOBART is suspicious of Andy.

Andy makes a spectacular first impression by using his fighting skills against two possible German agents following Lucy at her graduation. JOHN APELLE, her father having fought off trespassers on his property, hires Andy to protect Lucy during the World’s fair trip.

Lucy and Andy immediately like each other and their relationship grows from kidding to kissing. Everything changes for Andy when they find a glass insulator filled with the Monkeys in Harper’s Creek. A short time later Andy barely survives a surrealistic scene with the Monkeys at the railyard results in the dismemberment and vaporizing of a local man DWAYNE PILTZ filled with the Monkeys.

As John Apelle, MRS. APELLE and Andy leave for New York with Dwayne Pitlz’s whereabouts to the public a mystery with Hobart threatening. Andy when he spots the Atez in the night sky realizes more Monkeys are returning to 1939. As they near New York the Atez brightens blue-green and is visible to the naked eye. Andy and Lucy have fallen in love.

The Apelles stay with John Apelle’s whimsical and risqué sister CHARLOTTE. Next door Andy suspects the Kowalski brothers are infused with the Monkeys. While snooping he battles one of the Kowalski brothers and the Monkeys swarmed outward when the brother explodes. He douses the Monkeys with water but now knows he is an all out battle. Andy places a call to Dr. Herman Geiger at Amesbury Union College but he is at Mt. Wilson studying the strange object in the night sky


1939 New York World’s Fair

DAVENPORT and his able assistant MISS HAVERHILL meet the Apelles and Andy at the fair the next morning and pin “ I have Seen the Future “ badges on them. More odd men at the fair entrance concern Andy. The men are ordered by their boss to the FORD exhibit at the far end of the fair. An overall sense of doom hangs over the fair as Andy follows the Apelles and Miss Haverhill to the Westinghouse Exhibit and Elektro the Westinghouse Robot.

Andy and Lucy and the Apelles are escorted by Miss Haverhill into the World of Tomorrow and the pavilion of the World’s Fair but Andy is increasingly fearful of the Monkeys. Andy now knows he must get to the Ford Building to stop the moneys from killing Geiger.

Once at the Ford Building with Miss Haverhill, Andy and Lucy break away and become alarmed when the odd acting workers chase them up the stairs to the free rides around the Ford Ramps. They barge their way into a car but the men trail them in the next car. The second car goes off the ramp, crashes below and the orange monkeys dissipate into the air.

Before Andy next escorts Geiger aboard one of the fair trains in order to get him to safety at the Soviet Pavilion. Andy saves Geiger’s life and he hailed a hero by Geiger, Davenport, and the Apelles. they head to the pavilion for Lucy’s speech to the fair and on a television signal to New York City.

After Lucy’s compelling speech Davenport makes arrangements for everyone to relax at the fair’s amusement area. Lucy is thrilled because she has looked forward to riding the parachute ride. Geiger stays o the ground because is afraid of heights.

In a dramatic shift from the descending parachute ride Andy sees more of the strange workers and the other Kowalski brother. At ground level he runs across the asphalt to save Geiger’s life. Geiger is killed, Andy is shot and Lucy screams and pleads with him not to die. He utters his final words, “ Nach Danken.”

July 20, 1969

Dr. Lucy Apelle is seated with her nephew Andrew in a national news studio. Apollo 11, with Neil Armstrong commanding is about to land on the moon. Lucy’s worldwide notoriety is noted by the anchor man. She worked with Dr. Robert Goddard and help launch NASA into being. She mentions tearfully the she wished her special person Andy could have been there on this special day. Dr. Geiger’s philosophy comes through, with Lucy mentioning how she even let technology go awry when the Apollo capsule burnt on the pad because to too much oxygen. She is elated when Armstrong takes over from the computers and fly the lunar Excursion Vehicle to the moon’s surface. Later he steps out on the moon and Lucy quotes from Romeo and Juliet as she thinks back to the man she loved so deeply.


1939 Audio Book  

Robert P. Fitton Videos




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