A Free Audio Book from a 1978 Manuscript

  Robert P. Fitton

  On Nantucket Island


The Apex of Power



Penning a first novel is not easy. Breaking the confidence barrier and actually writing a book is the first hurdle. Growing up in the sixties I was and still am an unabashed Star Trek aficionado. We became known as Trekkies. Over and over again in reruns and audio recorded cassettes I reveled to the deep space exploits and adventures of the captain and crew of the USS Enterprise. Just after graduating from UMASS Amherst, I began the Apex story. 

Graduating frm UMass

Fitton at the time he wrote The Apex of Power

I typed the first and subsequent drafts on a portable Smith Corona typewriter-a dictionary nearby.


Mistakes were not corrected with a backspace but with Liquid Paper and White Out.f232f1cdf64bd34da07bf96671165ab8 The finished product was a good Star Trek story. Not bad for a first try. Apex was good enough to procure an agent in New York City. The novel made the rounds and came close to being signed at Bantam Books.


           The Apex of Power’s characters were indicative of the TV characters’ persona. Settings were pretty much in line with the show with some poetic license.

51-IHeIvyNL._AC_US160_ My reference point for the book was the Making of Star Trek by Stephen E. Whitfield and Gene Roddenberry and David Gerrold’s The World of Star Trek.


The novel was written in a teleplay point of view-as if seen on TV. Character point of view is sporadic, repeated words are numerous, and extraneous descriptions abound. The President of the Federation did not come into prominence until the roles of Robert Ellison and Jonathan Archer in the 1980’s and 90’s. The head honcho  in Apex is the Chancellor- now the president in my recording.



To reconstruct The Apex of Power into a tight, polished novel would take considerable time with a sales and distribution dead end.  However, putting Apex into an audio rendition was possible. I do not claim to be a mimic and have merely enunciated the emotions( Spock excluded) and motivation of crew and Klingon swine. The Klingons after the writing of the Apex of Power acquired a cloaking device.


Paramount Pictures Corporation and CBS Studios own the copyright to the series. So, I have no financial aspirations in getting this story out. I have my own projects. My only desire is that Star Trek fans enjoy what I have written.


Robert P. Fitton


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